Maggie Crisler {life}

Maggie is a lot of things. She is one of those people that you explain how something is done to her, and then she is automatically amazing at it. This girl was the valedictorian of our class. She is an AMAZINGLY creative photographer and designer. (she designed her own wedding invitations…and then made them herself!!) She can create pretty much anything.  Oh, and she is musical too! (she would never tell you this…but its true.) I mean, come on…leave some talent for everyone else, ok!? :)

Well yesterday we both faced our fears. She stood in front of my lens and I, in front of hers. YIKES!! Well maggie, lucky for you, anyone could take a picture of you and you would be beautiful in it!

THROWBACK PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! (circa 2006)

cans for comments count: 63

only 2 more days!!!! feed some people!! :)

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4 responses to “Maggie Crisler {life}

  1. Amazing pics, as usual! I think I am officially the only friend unphotographed by Three Photography.

    P.S. I’m a total creeper in the throw back pic! And my teeth are really shiny…

  2. these turned out so awesome!

    my friends are amazing. =)

  3. these are greeeaaatt.

    only we will know why she was laughing so hard in that one (;

  4. Awesome! When I come home again, you take my picture and I’ll take your blood pressure! We can barter. ;)

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